Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stuff Said In Our House!!

I got this idea from the fabulous and hilarious Alyssa from Kind of A Mess. Here's some stuff that has been said in our house during the past couple of weeks.

Note: Kitten is doing a Google Image Search for 'Montreal 2031'
Me: "Why are you looking up Monteal 2031?"
Kitten: "Because I want to see what Montreal will look like in 2031."

Me: "You're bad. Stop being bad"
Kitten: "How am I bad?"
Me: "You just are. You're bad in your heart. And you're not a Time Lord. You've only got one heart. You can't afford to be bad in it."

Kitten: (On the subject of defense contractors.) "The government is like a 15 year old girl with a short skirt on. And no panties."

Kitten "I'm not a cat! Today..."

Kitten: "But I'm a Ginger, and I have no soul."

Me "I'm not going to regurgitate worms into your mouth. Don't leave it open."

Me: "If you stick your tounge in my ear I'll stick this pancake in your ear!"
Kitten: "And the fork?!?"
Me: "Yup"
Kitten: "You're ... deadly.

Me: "I'm getting dirty with love!" (This was not meant, nor implying anything sexual.)

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