Sunday, January 23, 2011


I made myself a fluffernutter sandwich, and after I was done Tony made one. This lead to a rousing and very domestic conversation about our preference for creamy peanut butter versus crunchy. Which then crated this humorous little bit of conversation.

Tony "I don't really care either way"
Me "I like the crunchy better. Plus, I feel like if holds the fluff in sandwich better."
Tony (While making a fluffernutter) "But I don't make fluffernutters."
Me "You're making one right know you know."
Tony "You're bad. Stop being bad."
Me (laughing) "Well, you are."
Tony "Don't you back talk me. I'll cut your face off and feed you to lions!"

We have such a sweet and affectionate way of showing our love, eh?


  1. Aw, you seemed so cool until that bit about liking crunchy peanut butter.

    Kidding! But in all seriousness, the consistency of the peanut butter should approximate the consistency of the fluff as closely as possible.

  2. Here you seemed so cool until the bit about the creamy peanut butter. :) I swear that the crunchy peanut butter holds the fluff into the sandwich better.

  3. Tony sounds so much like Mark it scares me a little.

    Mark likes the crunchy but I'm all about the creamy. (Sorry, Trisha :P) But you are making me crave a fluffernutter now.

    Also, can I ask why this is labeled as "Conversations With Kitten"? :)

  4. We actually have a lot of conversations like this. All in jest of course. His last serious relationship was with a woman who, well, seemed to have had a much more traditional view of how a lady in a long term committed relationship should behave. (From what I understand anyway. My information is from more than one source, but is obviously second-hand.)I know that my sass is something he actually really likes about me. (Loves even!)

    Also, Kitten is Tony. I started calling him Kitten as a joke, and well, it just kinda stuck..

  5. Kamel has been OBSESSSSSED with these sandwiches for weeks now. and I refuse to have them in the house because I know that it would just turn into me and a spoon and the two jars side be side. Not good. noooot good. But please, describe it more to me... in GREAT detail. ;)

  6. I cannot remember ever in my life having a fluffernutter. but I am totally pro-crunchy. and only natural pb now, can't stand the jiffy type anymore.

  7. This just made my day. A week late. You know how it goes. =)

  8. Fluffernutters are a gift directly from God, no?