Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh Hai Internets! Here I am!

I've always felt like first posts on a blog are a bit awkward. Like a first date. You try to introduce yourself, but you don't want to say too much. No one wants to be the crazy vomiting all your personal thoughts onto the internet blogger. Well, some people do, but they're all over on livejournal  I think.

Now's the bit where I try to give you a teasing glimpse of what's to come. Enough to hook you. I'm not quite sure yet what this blog is going to be. I imagine it'll be a mix of things. Some posts will be about my life, or my thoughts on things, others will be photo posts. Some will just be cool stuff I find.

For the curious, the name is a reference to this xkcd. It just seems to fit.

That's all you get for today. I'm going to go easy on myself for now, and start with a once a week minimum posting on the weekend. Once I get back into the groove I'll start updating more frequently. As you'll get to know, I tend to have a lot to say. 


  1. Yay! Welcome to the blogging world! Can't wait to hear what you have to say... :)

  2. hi came across this link to your blog over on twitter and having started my own blog just a few days ago I know what you mean... I have ended up doing one life story post and one games review... other things I intend to include in mine include training to join the army. I've clicked the follow button and look forward to browsing your next posts. You can check out my poor offering at

    Thanks, Boozy xxx

  3. Yaaaay! You have a blog now!! And you like xkcd, which I religiously read daily.

    I love you even more now.

    Followed. It's done.

  4. haha just found your blog, your comment on my post today makes even more sense now! love that xkcd. I always forget to check that site but my husband is always sending me comics from there.