Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland

The weather last weekend was as perfect as it comes in in Vermont in the winter. The air felt crisp and cold, refreshing instead of uncomfortable. Anthony and I went out with our cameras and had a wonderful walk down to the waterfront, and out in the woods.

There are old pieces concrete in the water near the boathouse. The ice forms beautifully on the places where it sticks out of the water.

Often the lake is at least partially frozen over by now. 

All is quiet on the beach.

Despite the fresh snow and relatively low wind, we had the beach to ourselves.

Off into the woods we go. 

Everything was so quiet, and peaceful. Especially when we went off trail.

This little guy was pretty much our only company.

The adjoining field was also lovely.

And back to the road, to go find some hot coffee and dry pants.

I'll have a post with more words than pictures soon. This weekend I have another writing project to take care of. 


  1. So beautiful and peaceful!!! Lovely.

  2. love it! Also love the title of the blog.

  3. Mmm. I love East Coast-y winters. They are slightly different than West Coast winters.

  4. Thanks! It was definitely one of those days that made me glad to live in Vermont.

  5. Damn that's beautiful. Can't say I'd actually want to be trudging through it. But on the computer it's preeeeetty.

    Also, I'm really glad you have a blog now. :)

  6. Mary,

    It was a rare sort of day. Normally I don't want to be out in it either. For a Northern girl, I don't much care for the weather.

    Also, I'm really happy to have a blog too. You're part of what inspired me you know!